The Importance Of Statistics And Level Of Measurement

In 2-3 paragraph: Discuss the importance of statistics and level of measurement as it relates to the research process

-What does inferential statistics tell you as a reader/consumer of research?

-What does descriptive statistics tell you as a reader/consumer of research?

-Identify the varied numerical values you use in your clinical practice (at least two numerical values). 

-Describe which level of measurements each of those type of values represent (for example, what is the level of measurement when taking a patient’s temperature?-You may not use temperature as your numerical value response). Identify two different level of measurements you use in your nursing practice on a consistent basis. 

-What is your understanding about the importance of the level of measurement as it relates to data analysis?

-Identify your primary research question from the previous week. What descriptive and inferential statistics might you use to respond to your proposed questions? (You may need to slightly alter your question to respond appropriately to this question). 

NOTE:  Your response should consist of complete sentences and should be at least one complete paragraph, but it should be no more than three paragraphs in length


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