Daily Journal

ClinicalDaily Journal Journal entry on statistical population, culture, epidemiology and environmental issues related to the community site.

· Please include in the Journal entry: statistical population, culture, epidemiology and environmental issues related to the community site.

· The place name is Bethany Child Development Center at Miami Gardens Florida.

Daily Journals (see p.8 course syllabus for format). Students are required to maintain a written journal of their activities in the clinical area. The journal should include how you are meeting both the course and your personal goal (s) and objectives. This also provides a vehicle for communicating with your clinical instructor, a means of evaluating your progress as well as self- reflection. Entries should be made for each clinical day and the journal should be submitted according to format on p. 8 course syllabus or per your professor’s instructions/preference.

· I am doing community service in a Daycare Center for children age 3-5 years of age. I usually go on Wednesday from 11:00 am through 4:00 pm and Thursday from 7:00 am through 2:00 pm. I help feed the kids, clean after their messes, play with them in the court yard, take the male kids to the bathroom etc.

Journal format:

Headings as follows should be boldfaced:

Date of the activity.

What did I do? (Brief description of the activity)

What did I learn from this activity? (Personal reflection)

What were the positives about the experience?

What were the negatives about the experience?

What recommendations can you offer to enhance this learning experience?


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