Find a study published in a nursing journal in 2010 or earlier that is described a s a pilot study

Discussion # 7

Find a study published in a nursing journal in 2010 or earlier that is described a s a pilot study. Do you think the study really is a pilot study, or do you think this label was used inappropriately? Search forward for a larger subsequent study to evaluate your response. 

Discussion Rubric

The initial post will be regarding the topic of the week and will be a minimum of 250 words. Make sure you provide appropriate references and utilize APA style. Peer posts will be a minimum of 75-100 words, otherwise will be counted as 0. There will be a total of 8 discussion posts worth 1.25 points each or 10 points of your grade. In order to obtain full credit students must follow the above requirements. Each discussion will be allocated to a specific Master’s Essential.

Criteria 1.25 Point 1 Point 0.75 Point 0
ParticipationWeight 25.00% 100 %3 Posts 80 %2 Posts 60 %1 Posts 0 %0 Posts
Quality of informtaionWeight 25.00% 100 %Information is clear and relates to topic 80 %Information is somewhat clear and might relate to topic 60 %Information has little relation to topic and is not clearly displayed 0 %Information is not clear and it does not relate to topic
ResourcesWeight 25.00% 100 %Provides relevant resources using APA guidelines 80 %Provides relevant resources without APA guidelines 60 %Limited on the resources provided with major errors in APA 0 %Does not provide any resources
Critical ThinkingWeight 25.00% 100 %Enhances the critical thinking process through premise reflection 80 %Enhances the critical thinking process without premise reflection 60 %Does enhance the critical thin


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