Principio del formulario

Principio del formulario

            The use of big data has become very useful in healthcare by allowing advancements in patient care; helps improve productiveness of healthcare facilities, and management of chronic diseases and finding potential cures (Top benefits of big data in the healthcare industry, 2018).  Big data shows a complete view using evidence-based data collection.  By having a complete look at healthcare from the start to finish plays a huge role in improving patient outcomes and reducing costs to patients and the facilities.   

            According to Thew, there can be many challenges in the use of big data. Many nursing executives can become overwhelmed by having to manually sort thru and analyze data that may come from several different data banks. Not all systems use the same terminology and many hours are spent deciphering information from the system to system. The lack of standards across the board can make collecting all data for big data reports a challenge (Thew, 2016).  It seems that a lot of big data collection is still done manually which leaves room for error. If the information is not imputed correctly or terminology is not understood from system to system it can lead to incorrect data collection. Another risk with the use of big data is data breaches. Using such big data systems can come with the risk of lack of use of safeguards and cyber- risks with hackers. The use of patient portals can leave big data vulnerable to possible breaches. Although this is not a new problem with the use of technology, it still has to be addressed and monitored with the use of technology growing the amount of information placed into the “cloud” (Weissburg).

            Evidence-based practice, meaningful use, and big data are becoming everyday terms in healthcare. Technology is here to stay; as it evolves the use of big data must evolve as well.  We must try to knock out all the kinks in the data collection process to make sure we are obtaining the best picture. I think it would be helpful for all recognized terminologies to be converted from system to system to ensure the correct understanding. If one system uses Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine (SNOMED CT) and another Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LONIC) when information is imputed into one system from the other it is an automatic conversion.  This could cut down of human error since many executives manually input data. Thru my recent research, I have found that healthcare information is worth more on the black market than credit card information. That is a scary thought. Healthcare data is the highest at risk for breach because of the fact hackers want it because of its worth.  Technology has made many advances in trying to prevent healthcare breaches. It is important for annual system updates and security checks, make sure that systems are utilizing the most up-to-date malware, making sure there are two separate portals for patient access one private that requires encryption and one that is public for general information, and continual employee training on security practices set in place by the facility  (Brown, 2017).

            Big data use is making great strides. Evidence-based practice is now the face of healthcare. Big data allows for complex information to be gathered in one place to give a complete overview to help make the best decisions for patient care. The use of big data is helping save lives, monitoring and helping patients with chronic illness, and cutting costs for patients and hospitals. The benefits of using big data greatly outweigh the potential risk and challenges.


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