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· Week 8

Posted Mar 11, 2019 7:38 AM

Synthesis Paper Assignment:

The synthesis paper is based on a healthcare topic of your choice.  It will be in APA format and is completed over several modules.  The final synthesis paper will be graded during Module 8.  The following components will be included in the paper:

· Abstract

· Body

· Introduction paragraph with thesis statement

· Literature Review section

· Introductory paragraph explaining search parameters and databases used

· At least 7 paragraphs, but no more than 12.  

· At least six scholarly sources (4 journals and 2 websites)

· Not simply annotations, but an essay that flows from point to point

· Discussion section

· Two to five paragraphs that apply the literature review to your topic, drawing conclusions and supporting the thesis statement

· May contain practice examples

· Conclusion

· One to two paragraphs that support and finalize the thesis argument

· Reference page

· Annotated bibliography

· Must contain at least four scholarly literature sources and two credible websites

· Must contain annotations

This week it is vital that you look at all the feedback provided in past assignments to make recommended changes.

Healthcare Topic of Choice Weight: 20% – 60 points

Introduction/Thesis/ Abstract Weight: 15%- 45 points

Quality of Literature Review Weight: 25% – 75 points

Support of Thesis/Analysis in Discussion Section Weight: 10% – 30 points

Conclusion Weight: 5% – 15 points

Annotated Bibliography Weight: 5% – 15 points

Organization Weight: 5% – 15 points

Quality of Written Communication Weight: 5%- 15 points

APA Format Weight: 10%   Total – 30 points

This is a total of 300 points which will have a huge impact on your grade!! Please take this seriously and ask questions if you do not understand the comments made in the submission!

Part 2

Discussion Question:

Please consider how you have developed the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable your achievement of the course goals listed in the syllabus. Then write a minimum of 400 words describing how this course has helped you achieve these outcomes. 

By the conclusion of this course, student will be able to:

· Develop and refine proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure techniques to enhance composition skills

· Utilize a process approach to writing that involves critical thinking, drafting, and revising

· Apply the basic rules of APA Style in constructing scholarly essays

· Locate, analyze, summarize, and synthesize appropriate source material from both print and electronic environments

· Utilize formal writing skills to present focused, logical arguments that support a thesis

· Use reliable and varied evidence to support claims, incorporate sources from others appropriately, and acknowledge and document the works of others using APA format

· Use electronic environments to draft, revise, edit, and share or publish texts use writing processes to explore, think, and learn, and to write appropriately for various tasks and audiences 


· N/A

Required Textbook:

· American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.).  Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.


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