Three Differential diagnoses for Pyloric Stenosis

Page 1

Please provide answers to the questions below:

1.      Three Differential diagnoses for Pyloric Stenosis

2.      What causes coffee ground emesis inpatients with pyloric stenosis?

3.      Three Differential diagnosis  for intussception

4.      Rational for NG tube pre and post-surgery for intussception?

Page 2

1. When considering a diagnosis of scoliosis, what are some objective findings that would be considered “red flags” upon physical examination and why?

2.What are the U.S. Preventative Task Force’s (USPTF) recommendations to make screening for AIS more reliable?

3.In regards to radiographs, why is a lateral view recommended to obtain in addition to a PA view of the spine?

Please support findings with at least 2 evidence based journal articles  or practice guidelines (for each page).

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