Business And Professional Ethics, 9th Edition By: Leonard J. Brooks; Paul Dunn

I need to write a three page plus (3 page)  that tells me what you have learned these first few weeks (Chapters 1-5). You can write in the first, second or third person. You must have a properly formatted cover sheet and a properly formatted reference page and follow APA formatting guidelines. 

Select a disease process that is of interest to you. Pathophysiology of the disease state.

  Select a disease process that is of interest to you. Pathophysiology of the disease state. Review of the pharmacological agents used for treatment and important information related to advanced practice nurse.


Exercise Content 1. Final Project Details: Harvard Business Publishing – You must go to the website: Establish a free account and then go to the case's link: The price is $4.25 to buy the case and work on it. Amazon was the biggest Internet-based retailer in the United States and had frequently been […]


MBA 670 Project 3 [Note: In the DuPont equation, ROE is equal to profit margin multiplied by asset turnover multiplied by financial leverage. Under DuPont analysis, return on equity is equal to the profit margin multiplied by asset turnover multiplied by financial leverage.] 7. Did you need an emergency loan in any of the four […]


The Triple Nickle The 555 Housing Coop (popularly referred to as the Triple Nickle) is a 140 unit housing coop on Roosevelt Ave in Queens NY.  All residents are shareholders who have equal rights in the coop. The Board of Directors (BOD) of 555 has a two year term and is in overall charge of […]


Corporation: STARBUCKS  In this assignment, you are to use the same corporation you selected for the assignments in Weeks 3 and 6. You will examine business and corporate-level strategies and their impact on corporate success comparable to the competitive environment. Use any or all of the following resources to conduct research on the corporation: o […]

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The Island of Kora acts as the case designed to bring all the points discussed in this class together.  Therefore, this case calls for an application of all the points that have been previously discussed.  After reading the case, write up a strategic plan designed to solve the islander’s problems.  Your plan should include the […]


1 Underage Drinking Maria Chang Florida National University Professor: Sonia Troche Course: Relapse Prevention Date: February 19th, 2023 2 Underage drinking The consumption of alcohol by minors is both a severe threat to public health and a persistent issue that dates back millennia. It is considered a normal part of adolescent development in many communities […]


Healthcare Economics: Social Determinants of Health Miatta Teasley Capella University NHS-FPX6008 Economics and Decision Making in Health Care Professor Georgena Wiley February 20,2023 Social Determinants of Health The economic aspects predominantly affect individual and collective health. The health economic issue I will discuss in detail is social determinants of health. Many social determinants of health […]


Complete a systematic evaluation of a unit, facility, or organization with which you are familiar, in an attempt to identify the need to address the economic health care issue. Introduction Note: Each assessment in this course builds upon the work you have completed in previous assessments. Therefore, you must complete the assessments in the order […]

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